More Free Printable Articulation and Phonology Materials Around The Web

Heather’s Speech Therapy:

Heather shares free printable picture flashcards and worksheets to use to practice individual speech sounds. They are broken down nicely by word position and for practice at the syllable, word and phrase levels.

Speaking of Speech:

Under the Articulation section of the materials exchange page you will find free printable minimal pair sets, bingo sets, loaded stories, board games and more. I especially like the printable flip books for practicing specific sounds in sentences and the cut and paste activities such as “Silly Soup” for fun ways to elicit repetitive practice of specific sounds. Under the Therapy Games section of the materials exchange page you will find materials for a printable game labeled “thematic reinforcement games”. I personally used the APPLES version of this game with my elementary school students.  I did a slight variation where I taped the target words/pictures to the back of the cards and spread them out in the middle of the table. The kids took turns picking out a card and would have to say the word or sentence before flipping it over to see what was on the other side to claim for their board. It was a big hit with the kids, and I could easily change up the target pictures to completely individualize it to the goals of each session.

 Mommy Speech Therapy:

This site has free printable short stories that each target a specific speech sound in a specific word position (For example, a story loaded with final /p/ words). They are offered for almost every sound in initial, medial and final word positions. You will also find free printable articulation flashcards as well as printable informational charts on speech sound development and phonological processes, and printable recording sheets for articulation screenings and articulation goal and data tracking.

Playing With Words 365:

This site has extremely well done free printable charts on speech sound development and phonological processes. The Speech Sound Developmental Chart is easy to read and understand and provides the average age of mastery of specific speech sounds and blends. The Phonological Processes Chart names and describes each phonological process, gives examples of each, and (where data is available) gives the expected age of the elimination of that phonological process. It also indicates which phonological processes are common in typical speech development and which phonological processes are usually seen in children with more severe speech delays. Both charts are based on studies which are well sited on the printout.


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